The simple science of Good and Evil

If you think good and evil don’t exist and everything is shades of grey, or that most people are in the middle most of the time, you’re wrong. Yes, dead wrong. New science shows that having one dark personality trait makes you more likely to have others, in fact most of the others as well. This ‘dark core personality’ principle shows that we do gravitate towards good or evil as people and develop our entire set of personality traits based on what side of the equation we’re on.

I’m not trying to get you to judge people outright, but if you’ve felt things are heading in a certain direction, and maybe not a good one, the science behind it (link) helps you see what this gravitation really means, and gives clear indicators that it manifests on an individual level.

Are we nearing a crossroads where the inevitability of both these outcomes, of the good and the gravity of evil, will be confronted and dealt with?

Stay informed.

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