Thoughts, feelings and intentions, there are no more secrets.

The ability to hide emotions is becoming “a thing of the past”.

New technologies have made it possible for companies and institutions to passively track your emotions, thoughts, intentions and even health, according to Dolby Labs’ chief scientist Poppy Crum.

During her TED Talk, two days ago, she demonstrated how the latest technologies and algorithms are used to gather data from thermal imaging, ‘mind-reading’ electroencephalogram signals, and ways of reading skin response and heart rate. Put together, these provide the data for an analytical depth that details how someone feels and what they’re thinking.

These technologies not only have the capability to know and qualify/quantify every thought, reaction, feeling and intention, they can be used passively both with and without our knowledge, consent or oversight.

When used in public settings, rallies, closed meetings or otherwise, they can not only provide insight into individual emotion and thinking, but also provide insights into crowd dynamic by measuring drops or rises in CO2, and performing chemical breath analysis of the air in different parts of a room.

When TED first approached her about doing a talk, Crum said she wanted to focus on something that isn’t talked about enough: how it’s (now) possible to objectify our internal states, making seemingly subjective unknowns (like emotion) quantifiable.

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