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Get a sales veteran on your team

Where do you find the old school researchers, someone to put actual market research and competitive edge into your project anymore? Where are all the direct response marketers with their boots in the trenches and ears to the pavement?

When you’re looking for someone to help you with your project’s advertising success, results are all that matter.

So get someone that knows how to test. But more importantly, what to test. 

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Why you want to work with me

Academic (University) degree in Communication Sciences

20 years of experience marketing online

Author, entrepreneur, copywriter and web designer

I run my own webshops as well as working on yours

I work on your project until it works for you

“Hi Erik, this is going beyond my wildest dreams. The first sales letter is already over 1.2% conversion and is raking in thrice as much as mine.”


Kristian Gudnasson, author of the Stop Snoring Exercise Program

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I regularly post on my blog if I’m reading a new book or have something to share. But every Monday, I’m sharing a Marketing, Sales or Advertising tip. Follow me on LinkedIn or read my blog to stay updated on the latest business information, copywriting and sales advice and SEA and SMA tips.